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HDFC Bike Insurance Review : Features, Coverage, Exclusions

If you are looking to get your bike insured from HDFC Bike Insurance Company, then you should read this post completely. So that you can get complete information about the bike Cover of this company.

HDFC Bike Insurance Review

HDFC Bike Insurance Review

HDFC is a very big and well known company in India in providing any type of Cover .  HDFC Bike Insurance offers various types of insurance such as motor, health, term, life, home, and travel cover. 

If we talk about the insurance of this company, then it is a type of HDFC Group and Munich Re Group company.

The bike insurance of HDFC Bike Cover Company is also considered to be a very good insurance, to insure the bike.  HDFC Bike Insurance offers the following types of insurance-

  • Third party bike Cover
  • Comprehensive Bike Cover
  • Own Damage Bike Cover

If we talk about the network strength of this company, then it is more than 6800 in India.  The claim settlement ratio of this company is also very high as compared to other company at 91%. 

If you want to get third party or other type of insurance cover for your bike from this company, then it can be up to 7 lakhs.  And if you want to cover your personal accident, then it can be done up to 15 lakhs.

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HDFC Bike Insurance Key Features

HDFC Bike Insurance Key Features

HDFC Bike Insurance is a very big and well known bike Cover .  We also get to see many features of this company. 

Some of these main key features are mentioned below, if you want to insure your bike from this company, then you must pay attention to them.

Network Connectivity 6,800+
Claim Ratio 91%
Add on Covers Available
Help Assistance Available 24*7
Third Party Cover Available
Own Damage Cover Available
Personal Accident Cover Available

HDFC Bike Insurance Coverage

Friends, you can get your bike or any 2 wheeler’s own damage car Insurance or third party liability Cover done through HDFC company. 

And if you want, you can also extend the insurance of this company for 3 years.  If you get your car insured from this company, then this company gives you these benefits-

1- Any type of Natural Disaster like Earth-quake, flood, storm, landslide, rockslide.
2- Any type of Fire, explosion, Self-ignition.
3- Any type of Burglary, theft, riot, strike, malicious act.
4- Accident by external means, terrorist activity.
5- Any damage in transit by road, rail, inland waterway, lift, elevator or air.

Discount Offers

Friends, HDFC company gives us discounts in different types of car insurance, the biggest discount is that if you had got your bike or 2 wheeler Cover done by this company last year, and you did not claim any type of insurance. 

Then you will get to see a discount of 20% next year.  Which can go up to 50 percent.  This company gives us other types of non claim discounts, which we have mentioned below-

One Claim Free Year 20%
Two Claim Free Year 25%
Three Claim Free Year 35%
Four Claim Free Year 45%
Five Claim Free Year 50%

HDFC Bike Insurance Exclusions

There are certain conditions in which HDFC Cargo Company can boycott the bike or 2 wheeler insurance.  Some of these key exclusions are mentioned below, if you commit such violations, then you will not be eligible to claim HDFC ERGO bike Cover .

1. If you are driving a bike or other 2 wheeler, and you do not have a valid government recognized license.  And if there is some breakdown in the vehicle, then you will not be eligible to claim the Cover .

2. This company does not give any claim for any kind of mechanical or electrical breakdown of the bike.

3. Even if you cause any damage to the vehicle by consuming alcohol or wrong substances, you will still not be able to claim bike insurance from this company.

4. If you are driving a bike or other vehicle outside the country of India, and there is any loss or damage to your vehicle.  Then you will not be eligible for any claim.


Friends, in today’s time, if you are driving any type of vehicle inside India, it has been made very important for you to have vehicle insurance. 

Having bike Cover not only protects us from any kind of Challan, but also gives us cover if our bike gets damaged or accident. 

By which we come to know, how important it is for us to have bike Cover .  In today’s post we talked about HDFC Bike Insurance Review. 

Along with this, we also got information about the key features and exclusions of this insurance.  Hope you liked this post of ours today and got to know something new from it.

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