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ICICI Bike Insurance Review : Types, Features, Discount, Exclusions

If you are looking for a good bike insurance for you, then in today’s post you will get complete information about ICICI bike insurance. Then let’s see, ICICI bike cover review-

ICICI Bike Insurance Review

ICICI Bike Insurance Review

Friends, bike insurance has become very important in today’s time.  And many companies provide us with very good bike cover at an affordable price. 

One of these is ICICI Bike Insurance.  If we talk about the claim settlement of this company, then it is 87%.  And at present this company has more than 8800 network garages. 

If you are looking to take cover for your two wheeler or bike from this company, then in today’s post we will tell you about the plans, coverage, discounts and features for bike insurance of this company. 

By which you will get complete information about this company.  And you will be able to get a good bike cover running for you.

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ICICI Bike Insurance Features

ICICI Bike Insurance Features

ICICI has become a leading bike insurance company in today’s time.  In such a situation or the company provides us with some such special features. 

Which if you take cover for your car from this company, then you will get their benefit.  Some of these special features are mentioned below, which you should know about-

Network Garages 8,800+
Claim Settlement 87 in 2020
Help Assistance Available 24×7
Policies Issued 2.6 crore in 2020
Accreditation iAAA
Branch Presence in 46 Countries

Types of Two Wheeler Insurance by ICICI

Friends, if we talk about two wheeler insurance or bike cover coming from ICICI Bank, then they are of three types, which are explained in detail below.  You can choose any one of these for yourself-

Third Party Two Wheeler Insurance

You can take a third party two wheeler cover for yourself from this company.  If you don’t know what is Third Party Insurance? 

Then let us tell you that if you have any kind of accident while driving, then the insurance claim will be given to the third party i.e. whose accident has happened.  Due to being cheap, most of the people prefer to get this cover for their bike.

Comprehensive Two Wheeler Insurance

Friends, Comprehensive two wheeler insurance is very important, in today’s time.  If you do not know the meaning of Comprehensive Two Wheeler cover , then let us tell you, if you have any type of accident, or your vehicle is stolen. 

Then you will be given the claim of the car.  Along with comprehensive cover, you can also take third party cover , in which the claim will also be given to the third party.

Own Damage Two Wheeler Insurance

Friends, if there is any kind of natural or man-made disaster in your vehicle, such as if your vehicle is damaged by any type of natural disaster like cyclone, earthquake, flood, then the company gives you the claim.

You can combine own damage two wheeler cover along with your comprehensive two wheeler insurance.

Add On Features ICICI Two Wheeler Insurance

Friends, these companies also provide us with some add on features along with their insurance.  If you like one of these, or find one necessary, then you can add that to your cover as well.  Some of these special advanced features are given below-

Co-Passenger Insurance

Friends, you can also insure yourself passenger with yourself.  With this, if you have an accident, then along with you, you are also given the claim of a passenger.

Electrical And Non Electrical Bike Parts

Generally, no bike insurance company provides any kind of electrical or non-electrical coverage.  But this company provides you advance feature of electrical and non electrical bike parts. 

With this, if any electric or non-electrical part of your vehicle gets damaged, or stops working, then you can claim for it.

Seat cover

You can also insure your seat and seat cover from this company.  If there is any kind of damage to your seat or seat cover, then the company will give you a claim for that too.  Which turns out to be a pretty cool feature.


Friends, if you are looking to take insurance for your bike from this company, then you also get to see many discounts.  In which discounts like No Claim Bonus, Automobile Association Membership, and Installation of Two Wheeler Safety Devices are the main ones. 

Most of the people like the no claim bonus discount of this company very much.  In which if you do not make any claim in the cover taken for the previous year, then you get to see a discount of 20% for the next year.  Which can go up to 50% in the next 5 years.


Friends, if you are taking any type of car insurance from this company, whether it is a bike, or car, then you should also keep some of its exclusions in mind. 

If you are found to have made any of these exclusions, then you will not be entitled to any claim of any kind by this company.  We have given some of these exclusions below, which you should take special care of-

1. If you don’t have a bully driving license, and you get into an accident while driving.  Then you will not be given any kind of insurance claim in such a situation.

2. If you drive under the influence of any kind of intoxicant like alcohol, and you get into an accident.  In such a situation, ICICI Company will not have any responsibility.

3. This company will not be responsible for any damage to your vehicle during any of these nuclear tests or combat.

4. Even if there is an electrical or mechanical break down in your vehicle, you will not be given any claim of any kind.  If you haven’t taken the Electrical and Non Electrical Breakdown Advance feature of this company, then.


We all know, that if we have to drive on the roads of our country, then it is necessary to have a valid cover paper along with the main papers of the vehicle. 

You must have at least one third party cover .  So that a third party can get its claim at the time of accident.  In today’s post, we learned about ICICI Bike Insurance. 

Hope you liked our post for today and helped you choose a good and affordable bike cover for yourself.  Thank you for reading this post of ours today.

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