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Oriental Bike Insurance Review : Features, Benefits, Exclusion

In today’s post, we will talk about Oriental Bike Insurance. Along with this, we will also know about some special features and exclusions of this Cover. So let’s see, Oriental bike insurance review.

Oriental Bike Insurance Review

Oriental Bike Insurance Review

Oriental Insurance Company Limited is a private general insurance company.  Whose head quarter is located in New Delhi.  This company was started on 12 September 1947 in Mumbai, but later shifted to New Delhi. 

In today’s time Oriental Cover Company provides insurance like bike, car, home, travel, health, term etc.  If we talk about the strength of this company,

Then in today’s time the network connectivity strength of this company is more than 1800 active garage.  If we talk about this company, then at present more than 14000 people work in this company. 

And the premium collection of this company in 2018 was 11452 crores.  This company also offers us various special features and discounts,

If you are looking to take Insurance for your bike from this company, then you should read this post completely.  So that you can get complete information about this Cover .

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Oriental Bike Insurance Key Features

Oriental Bike Insurance Key Features

Friends, Oriental Bike Insurance Company is a well-known and very big insurance company of India in today’s time.  In such a situation,

There are some special features of this company, which entice people to take its Cover .  In such a situation, we have given below some special features of this company, which you must definitely take a look at-

Special Features
Network Branches 1800+
Help Assistance Available 24*7
Claim Settle Ratio 91% in FY2020
Accreditation AAA/Stable Rating by CRISIL
Zero Depreciation Cover Available
Third Party Cover Available
Third Party Insurance/Property damage Up to 1 Lakh
Own Damage Cover Determined by the IDV of the two-wheeler
Personal Accident Cover Up to 15 Lakh
Claim Assistance Available 24*7

Oriental Bike Insurance Benefits

No claim bonus

This company provides us no claim bonus, if you took insurance of this company last year and you did not claim any kind of insurance in that year, then you get to see some discount next year.  And this discount keeps on increasing year after year.

Cashless payment

Friends, today Oriental Insurance Company has more than 1800 branches in India.  In which you can easily take the Cover of this company. 

But if you do not want to take the insurance of this company from these branches, then you can easily take it online also.  In which you also get to see the option of cashless payment.

Pillion insurance

This company gives us a special feature, which this company has named as pillion cover, in this feature you can get two insurances for yourself as well as yourself.

Network garage

Oriental Cover Company currently has more than 1800 network connectivity garages or branches.  So that you will not have to face any kind of problem while claiming any kind of policy.

Types of Oriental Bike Insurance

If we talk about the coverage of Oriental Bike Insurance, then this company gives us three main types of coverage.  Which we have explained in detail below-

Third Party Liability Insurance

This company gives us the option of third party liability insurance.  You can also get only third party liability Cover for your vehicle, which is a bit cheaper.

Personal accident cover

This company also gives us the option of personal accident cover.  If you or your vehicle has any kind of accident while driving, and you get injury or permanent total disability.  Then in this way you are given a personal accident cover of up to one lakh by this company.

Own damage cover

If your vehicle is damaged by any type of fire, explosion, self-ignition, lightning, earthquake, flood, hurricane, cyclone, hailstorm, strike, accident, terrorist activity, rail, lift, elevator, then you have to cover it.  Are being given.

Discount Offers by Oriental Insurance

Oriental Insurance Company offers you a discount in any claim free year, about which I have explained it in detail-

Year Discount
One claim-free year 20%
Two claim-free year 25%
Three claim-free year 35%
Four claim-free year 45%
Five claim-free year 50%


Friends, this company has also kept some exclusions in its bike insurance, if you are caught doing this, then you will not get any kind of claim.

If your vehicle is damaged or you get into an accident while driving, and you are caught without a valid driving license, then you will not get any claim of any kind.

Oriental Two Wheeler Insurance does not cover any claim for any mechanical or electronic breakdown.

If you are driving your car by consuming any kind of intoxicant like alcohol, and you get into an accident.  Or if there is any problem in your vehicle, then you will not be given any kind of claim.

If your bike is damaged due to any type of attack or nuclear risk, then you will not get to see any kind of claim.

If you are driving in any other country like Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Maldives, then you will not get any claim from this company.

In any type of reward, speed testing, racing, reliability trial, you will not get to see the claim of this company.


It is very important for you to have an Cover along with your car paper while driving on the road of India. 

If you have a valid bike Cover , now you will not only be able to avoid challans, but also you get cover for any kind of accident that happens to you. 

In today’s post, we talked about Oriental Bike Insurance.  Along with this, we also discussed about some special features and exclusives of this company.  Hope you liked our post for today and helped you choose the best bike insurance for you.

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