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Oriental Car Insurance Review : Highlights, Coverage, Exclusions

In today’s post, we will talk about Oriental Car Insurance Review.  Along with this, you will also get information about the key features, discounts and exclusives of this company. So let’s know about Oriental Car Insurance Company-

Oriental Car Insurance Review

Oriental Car Insurance Review

In today’s time, the Government of India has made it mandatory to get car insurance, so if you want to get your car insured, then you Oriental Car Insurance company can also be a good choice. 

This company is one of the public sector general insurance company in India.  If we talk about network connectivity of this company, then they are more than 3100+ in India. 

If we talk about the claim settlement of this company, then it was 91 percent in the financial year of 2020. Through this company, you can get third party liability insurance, own damage insurance as well as personal accident cover for your vehicle. 

If you are looking to take the car cover of this company, then read this article completely, so that you can get complete information about this company and you can choose a good insurance for your vehicle.

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Oriental Car Insurance Highlights

Oriental Car Insurance Highlights

We have given below some highlights of Oriental Car Insurance, so that you will be able to get more information about this cover-

Network Connectivity 3,100+
Costumer Assistance 24*7
Claim Ratio 91% in 2020
Accreditation AAA/Rating by CRISIL
Zero Depreciation Cover Available
Third Party Cover Available

Oriental Car Insurance Benefits

Claim settlement ratios

While buying any car insurance, it is very important to check its claim settlement ratio.  In such a situation, if we talk about the claim settlement ratio of this company,

Then it is 91%.  Which is considered very good.  This means that if you do not face any kind of trouble while doing any type of plane of this company.


If you get your car insured through Oriental Car Insurance Company, it gives you various discounts.  If you did not make any claim from this company last year,

Then you will get 20% discount in insurance next year.  This discount keeps on increasing every year, in the fifth year this discount reaches up to fifty percent.

Cashless facility

Oriental Car Insurance offers cashless facility while taking any type of insurance across India.  In India, this company has opened many of its workshops,

Which provide cashless facility.  If you want to get your insurance done in a cashless way, then you can get yourself insured by visiting these workshops.

Customer support service

While taking car insurance or any kind of insurance of any company, it is very important to see its customer support service. 

The advantage of this is that if you make any kind of claim, or you will not have to face any problem in making any kind of insurance related inquiry.

Oriental Car Insurance Coverage

Friends, Oriental Car Insurance Company is a well-known and very large motor insurance company in India.  In such a situation, if we talk about its coverage, then it provides different types of coverage.  in which the main is-

Third Party Liability Insurance

Third party liability insurance covers death, physical injury or vehicle damage of a person.  This company provides a cover of up to 7:30 lakhs in case of any kind of injury of third party or death.

Own Damage

Provides cover in case your vehicle is subject to a natural flood, cyclone, hurricane, storm, hailstone, landslide, earthquake, terrorist attack, strike house breaking or theft of the vehicle.  Which is given to the owner of the car.

Personal accident cover

This is the third insurance cover coming by Oriental Car Insurance Company in case you face any kind of disability or death while driving.  Then you are given a cover of up to 2 lakhs by this company.

Discount offer

We also get to see different types of discount offers through this company.  If you did not claim any type of insurance in your last year,

Then you will get 25% discount next year.  This discount goes up to 50% on increasing basis.  Which we have explained in detail below-

One claim-free year 20%
Two claim-free years 25%
Three claim-free years 35%
Four claim-free years 45%
Five claim-free years 50%


We have given below some of the exclusions of Oriental Car Insurance Company, if any of these reasons are detected, then you will not get any insurance claim of any kind.

1. Only in case of tire damage of the vehicle.

2. If you do not have a valid vehicle license, and you injure yourself or the vehicle while driving.  Then you will not see any kind of claim.

3. If you are using your vehicle in an illegal way, then you will not get any claim.

4. You will not see any kind of claim outside India.


In today’s time, getting car insurance has become a very important task.  Car insurance not only protects you from challans,

But it also protects you and your vehicle from any kind of Accident or Damage.  Today we talked about Oriental Car Insurance Company Review. Hope you liked our post for today and helped you choose the best car insurance for yourself.

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