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Royal Sundaram Car Insurance Review : Types, Features, Exclusions

If you are looking for a car insurance for yourself, then in today’s post we will talk about Royal Sundaram Car Insurance. Hope this helps you to choose a good and reliable car Cover for you.

Royal Sundaram Car Insurance Review

Royal Sundaram Car Insurance Review

Friends Royal Sundaram Car Insurance Company is a well known and trusted car insurance company.  Apart from car Cover , this company also provides bike, life, health, term, travel and home Cover . 

This company is a bit expensive as compared to other Cover companies, but the claim settlement ratio of this company is much higher than those companies. 

So that you will not have to face any kind of problem while claiming any type of insurance taken from it.  If we talk about the network garage of this company, then that truth is more than 3300. 

And the claim settlement ratio of this company is 92.6%.  In this company, you can also get third party and liability insurance, own damage Cover and personal Cover for yourself. 

If you are looking to get yourself insured from this company, then read this post carefully.  So that you can get complete information about this company.

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Features of Royal Sundaram Car Insurance Company

Features of Royal Sundaram Car Insurance Company

Friends, this company is a well-known and very big Insurance company, so if you take any kind of insurance for yourself from this company, then you will get to see some features, which we have mentioned below.

Special Features
Network Connectivity 3300+
Settlement Ratio 92%
Help Assistance Available 24/7
Policies Issued 20.6 lakh+ in 2020 (FY)
Satisfied Customers 45 lakh+
Branches 156+ Branches

Benefits of Royal Sundaram Car Insurance Company

Even though Royal Sundaram Insurance Company is a bit expensive than other insurance companies, but here it provides more benefits than other Cover companies.  We have listed some of these main benefits below, which you should keep in mind.

Customer service

Friends, while taking any type of insurance, we should keep in mind its customer service.  So that we do not face any problem while making Cover claim. 

And Royal Sundaram Company is considered to be a customer service expert, this company provides Hustle Free Sales and Post Sales Service.


We all know that insurance has become very expensive these days.  In such a situation, if you get to see any discount while insuring, then enjoy it. In such a situation, this company gives 35% discount on own damage premium. 

There is also a discount of this company, that if you do not make any claim from this company, then you are given an Cover discount of 20% for the next year.  This lie even goes up to 50%.  About which other chart is given below.

Year  Discounts
1 Claim-Free Year 20%
2 Claim-Free Year 25%
3 Claim-Free Year 35%
4 Claim-Free Year 45%
5 Claim-Free Year 50%

Claim settlement Ratios

 Friends, the claim settlement ratio of this company is 92.6%.  If the claim settlement ratio of any company is above 80%, then it is considered very good.  In such a situation, the claim settlement ratio of this company is considered very good.  So that you will not face any problem while making any kind of insurance claim.

Cashless service

At present there are more than 100 network garages per Royal Sundaram Car Cover Company.  In such a situation, cashless service is provided in their states.

Types of Insurance

Friends, you can take three types of car Cover for yourself from Royal Sundaram Car Insurance Company.  Which we have discussed in detail below-

Third Party Liability Insurance

Friends, if you drive your car on the roads of our country, then you must have at least a third party liability insurance with you.  And this company provides us third party liability insurance up to Rs.7.5 lakh.

Own damage

Friends, if your car is damaged due to natural or man made such as flood, cyclone, storm, hailstorm, earthquake, landslide, self-ignition, explosion or any terrorist activity, then you are given Cover by the company.

Personal accident cover

This is the third car insurance personal accident cover by the company.  If you happen to be a victim of an accident while driving, and you or your vehicle gets damaged,

Then for this reason you can take a personal accident cover of up to 2 lakhs for yourself from Royal Sundaram Car Cover Company.


1. Friends, we have given below some such points, if any type of damage happens in your car, then you can claim insurance in this company-

2. You can claim Cover for any type of damage caused by the natural climate in the car.

3. If similar damage occurs to the vehicle due to fire explosion or terrorist activity, then you will be eligible to claim insurance.

4. If your car is stolen, you can still make an insurance claim.

5. Own damage cover

6. Third Party Liability Cover

Exclusions Of Royal Sundaram Car Insurance

Friends, if you are found doing such a thing in the below-given exclusion, then you are not given any kind of claim-

1- If any type of electrical or mechanical breakdown occurs in your vehicle, then you cannot claim insurance.

2- If the tires of your vehicle are damaged, then the Cover company will not be responsible for it.

3- If you drive under the influence of any intoxicant like alcohol, then you cannot claim insurance from this company in case of an accident.

4- If you do not have a valid driving license, and you damage the vehicle while driving.  Even then you will not be eligible to claim the Cover .

5- If you use your vehicle for speed testing, reliability trials, racing, pace making.  Even then you will not be given any kind of insurance.


Friends, to drive on the roads of our country, it is very important for you to have at least one third party liability Cover . 

But we would suggest that you do not take third party insurance and take Cover for both yourself and that of the third party. 

So that both of you can get cover in case of an accident.  In today’s post, we learned about Royal Sundaram Car Insurance Company. 

Hope you liked this post of ours today. And it helped in choosing the best car insurance for you.

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